Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Translations Now on DivineOffice.org!

I love to spread good news.

Online breviary DivineOffice.org  now has the newly translated concluding prayers on their website, and, I think, on their audio podcasts as well.

Thank you, Mike D. for alerting us to this. 


  1. A paraphrase or something like the new English translation prayers on universalis.com?
    Mike D.

  2. I'm not exactly sure how universalis works, but I think to avoid paying royalties to ICEL or the US Bishops conference, they've written a paraphrase of some texts and taken others from the Jerusalem Bible which for whatever reason is not as strictly copyrighted as the New American Bible. Many people find the universalis paraphrase to be nicer than what is in the regular breviary. They also have the standard versions, but these have a price to help universalis pay royalties.