Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Solemnity Alert! Annunciation All Day Long! Mark Your Breviary!

Annunciation  by Henry Ossawa Tanner

Just an excuse to post one of my favorite paintings. The original hangs in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


  1. What a day to honor our Mother!! A glorious day in the Lord! BE IT DONE TO ME ACCORDING TO YOUR WILL!!

  2. I love that the reading in Morning Prayer is Phil 2:6-7, the kenosis when The Word became flesh--if I may mix John and Paul!

  3. Somewhere (I'm afraid I don't remember where) I saw an illustration of the Annunciation which showed the angel Gabriel kneeling before Mary. I was startled, because other representations I have seen showed Mary looking UP at the messenger. As I pondered that different view I realized that the angel was kneeling before his Queen, even though she did not yet know that she was.

    Becky D.

  4. Oops, being in a time zone in the future, I missed that until I went to Church on my lunch break and saw a white curtain on the tabernacle. A few weeks ago I went back to my book breviary, so I'm sure this is going to happen again. Speaking of odd time zones and related complications, I finally caught your great interview on EWTN's video on demand!

  5. Truly I say to you, Daria, that is one of my favourite depictions of the Annunciation as well. That angel is perfect. We used another work by Tanner on one of my guest posts here. :)

    Also, I love virtually all of the great El Greco's work. The one you choose appeared nicely in the email edition of this post but isn't displaying well on the blog itself.

    One of the blessings of observing the Hours, as a Canadian is being in tune with the Solemnities overall as here in our nation our Bishops have declared but two actual required solemnity feast days; Christmas Day and January 1 which is a sad affair were I to be asked about.