Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Winner!

About ten people tried their hand at the September saints quiz. A couple of those had some of the answers wrong, but from the remaining pool of saint-folks, I drew  winner at random.

Congratulations to Stuart Dunn, who will receive a copy of The Everyday Catholic's Guide to the LOTH shortly.


  1. What were the answers? That was fun, can we do it again???

    1. Shoot! I'd imagined I"d put the answer up somewhere but I guess not. They are:

      1. St. Matthew-tax collector, but also accepted St. Giles--beggar
      2 St. John Chrysostom- golden tongue or mouth (he was a famed preacher)
      3. St. Helen found the True Cross in Jerusalem, we celebrate that on Sept. 14th.
      4.St. Jerome disagreed with St. Augustine over the canon of Scripture.
      5. St. Januarius' blood liquifies almost every year on his feastday.

      I may very well do it again sometime.

  2. Thanks, Daria! It was super fun. Check out my blog some time. http://stuartsstudy.blogspot.com It's a Catholic review blog.