Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Whacha doin' for lent? (7 in 7, #2)

Sheesh! So much for diligence in posting every day for a week: I almost forgot all about it. But after having to spend a freezing cold morning outdoors, then an afternoon shopping for my youngest's birthday, maybe there's some excuse.

Lent is on my mind. I haven't thought much yet about what I'll be doing other than aiming at daily mass Monday thru Friday rather than the two or three times weekly that usually happens around here. I've got some good books piled up, but certainly can't read all of them. Still have to narrow it down to that single, perfect one.

Food: for the past two years we've gone meatless at dinner time Monday thru Friday. Wondering whether I"m up to that again.  They have a nice meatless recipe feature at CatholicMom.com so I can vary my standard menus.

What I really need is to work up the enthusiasm for all this. Get up the vim and vigor to do spiritual battle! Lenten warfare!   But I'm just not there yet.

How about you? Whacha doin' for lent?


  1. I'd like to be able to attend daily Mass, but I'm afraid that will have to wait until I retire! :-) My plan thus far is to try to attend Eucharistic Adoration after Mass on Sundays during Lent. I love being able to spend some quiet time with the Lord.

  2. One thought I have is to do things with more attention and purpose, for example prayer time and time with my children. I have become such a multi-tasking machine that I am afraid that I am scattered most of the time! My spiritual director has given me the 'ok' to pray the LotH (listening on my Kindle) while doing mindless chores like folding laundry and emptying the dishwasher. However, I feel that this prayer experience would be enhanced greatly if I gave it (Him!) my full attention.

    I will do my usual giving up of sweets too, because it wouldn't feel like Lent if I didn't do that. I am also contemplating what to read during Lent. Please share some of your good choices, if you don't mind Daria.

  3. I hope it's not too late to respond to this.
    I think (I hope!) I am better prepared for Lent this year than I have ever been, because, after 57 Lents in my life, I finally noticed that the beginning of Lent is predictable! I can look at a calendar and plan ahead, and not let it catch me by surprise!
    Here is my big plan for Lent: do a graduated Lent. Most Lents I try to make some big or little sacrifice, I struggle, I fail, and by Gaudete Sunday I have nearly given up. This year I plan to do a little the first week, a little more the second week, and so on, and have all the biggest sacrifices during Holy Week.

    1) fasting. No desserts, or other sweets. This one is not too hard because I do it every year, and every year I eat fewer desserts and sweets anyway, except for sugar in my coffee, twice a day, every day. So the first week I will cut down on the sugar by about 1/6, then the next week another 1/6, and so on. I will also fast every Friday, by having a quart of sheep's milk for breakfast, and nothing else the rest of the day except for my afternoon coffee.
    2) Prayer. I have been praying morning prayer fairly regularly for a few years. This year I have added evening prayer, when I can get to it. For Lent I intend the first week to get very regular about evening by planning the time when I will say it, then the next week add night prayer at least 2 nights, then the next week 4 nights, and so on.
    3) almsgiving: I have not figured out the best way to add something here. Not that almsgiving opportunities are in short supply, but I don't know exactly what best fits with my vocational living this Lent.

    Becky D.

    1. The graduated idea is a good one, Becky. That way we don't set up for failure by trying to do it all at once. Sheep's milk? So do live in the highlands of Scotland or some other place where this is readily available, or is Sheep's milk some new health food fad I hadn't heard about? You are right on with the gradual approach to the Liturgy of the Hours. Slow and steady wins that particular race.

  4. I live in suburban Md. but I am part of a buying club that gets food directly from farmers in Pa. So we get grass-fed beef, free range chicken eggs, and milk directly from the cow, nothing added, nothing taken out. One of the farmers has milking sheep. The sheep milk is very expensive so I only get one quart a week, and usually have it as my only food on fast days. I try to do this once a week anyway, so the only addition for Lent is to be more strict about it.

  5. In Portland, Oregon. New catholic. Coming from a hatha yoga background. Contemplating a forty day water fast for lent. Increased meditation and attending daily mass.

    1. You mean you'll drink only water for forty days? That sounds very ambitious.

  6. Per almsgiving . . . haven't found a solution this year. We give food weekly, adding some purchases to our life which sometimes means cutting back on our own to do and we give that food to our St. VdP. But that's throughout the year. H-m-m-m. I have a number of bibles in very, very good condition that I do not use. If there were a way to gift those to people who would really use them and not otherwise have them that might be an idea - certainly more almslike than offering them on ebay.