Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy New Year!

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Yes, it's anachronistic, but still funny. And Year A starts tonight. 
Don't you love getting out your volume I breviary and opening to Evening Prayer I for the first Sunday in Advent?

And having a true hymn for vespers that goes back maybe a thousand years?(I refer here to Creator of the Stars of Night, aka Conditor Alme Siderum)

And reading all those lovely antiphons that leave you thinking how wonderful it would be if Our Lord really would come back this year?

I just love Advent.

And it's a great time to do a little something to improve your practice of the Liturgy of the Hours. Here's a few ideas.

  • Read through either the Apostolic Constitution Promulgating the Revision of the Divine Office or the General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours. 
  • Or read both of them. They are found in front of volume I of the 4-volume breviary or else you can read them online. 
  • Read Liturgy and Personality
  • If you don't already do the complete cycle of liturgical hours each day, resolve to add one of them to your routine. 
  • If you can bang out a few notes on the piano, teach yourself a simple chant and use it for at least one psalm or Gospel canticle each day. 

Got any other good ideas?

Or do you have some questions about the Liturgy of the Hours?  

If so, leave a comment.


  1. I get confused about Memorials during Advent. Do we celebrate Memorials like usual during this season? Is it Lent where all Memorials are optional and you abridge most of the celebration?

    1. Good question. It might be worth a separate post. It's only tricky from December 17th thru 24th, and again during the Octave of Christmas. Earlier than that you may celebrate memorials in the usual manner, which is either to use the proper of saints items with the appropriate Common, OR to use all the weekday material with the items in the proper of saints. Once you get to the 17th thru 24th, all bets are off. Obligatory memorials are in practice, optional memorials. However, if you wish, you may ADD that saint's second reading in the OOR after you do the one for the 17-24th weekday, and you may use the saint's concluding prayer. The instruction also says you may use that saint's "antiphon" but I'm not sure which antiphon that might be. I can't imagine that you would substitute is for one of the O Antiphons. If you want to look at the General Instruction and ponder this, you'llfind it at #238 and #239.

  2. Hi Daria,

    You would pray the entire office for Dec 17th through 24th, including the concluding prayer up until it says "We ask this through Jesus Christ...".

    You then recite the antiphon from the Proper of Saints and the Concluding Prayer for the Saint. This is for Morning and Evening prayer.

    1. Yes, but which "antiphon" is that? The one for the invitatory, the Gospel canticle, or one of the psalms?

    2. Gospel Canticle from the Proper of Saints. Take a look at page 1249 in Volume 1 for an example.

    3. Yes, of course. I guess I should have looked them up first. So many saint memorials don't have their own gospel antiphon so I wasn't expecting it with these.

  3. Hi Daria.

    I found your site after waking up early and thinking I'd really like to get back into the habit of morning prayer.

    Last year I had someone assisting me with learning the Divine Office -- my umpteenth attempt. But I find it fairly impenetrable. All that flipping back and forth and I really don't know if I'm doing it correctly.

    I have an app, but it isn't the beautiful wording that I like so much from the 4-volume set I purchased a decade or so ago.

    Any quick tips to ease into this wonderful practice? What volume should I be in now?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Ben Callicoat

    1. Hi, Great time of year to start up again. You'll need vol. 1 for Advent.

      ​ It's the first week of advent, so use week 1 of the psalter. After the psalms, turn to the front of the book (the Proper of Seasons) and use Wednesday, first week of advent for the rest of it.
      If you look through the top tab on my blog where it says Breviary Boot Camp, there are all kinds of basic how-tos which could help with further questions. And you could always feel free to keep asking questions here in the comments.