Monday, August 7, 2017

Breviaries for Prisoners

Several times in the past, Coffee&Canticles has promoted the work of Dismas Minstry which is just about the best apostolate to prisoners we've ever seen.   Of special to interest to all of here is that these people introduce prisoners to the Liturgy of the Hours, and give breviaries to those who request them.

Recently I heard from Dismas director  Ron Zeilinger, thanking us for past support and again reminding us that they are happy to receive donations of used (or new) breviaries. These could be single volume OR four-volume sets.

Alternatively, you could send them a cash donation, which you could either designate as being for the purchase of breviaries, or just as a general donation, since Dismas Ministry has a number of wonderful programs and services for inmates.

Please be generous in supporting this great  spiritual work of mercy.

Update: although you can find this information at the Dismas website, here are the relevant addresses:

Dismas Ministry
PO Box 070363
Milwaukee WI 53207 - this address is for directly mailing breviaries or cash donations.

Dismas Ministry
Suite 130
2625 S. Greeley St.

Milwaukee WI 53207 - this one is best if you are ordering new breviaries from retail sites (such as Barnes and Noble or Amazon) that use UPS for delivery and therefore need a physical location. 


  1. I have just read a section on this website, and on eparagraph said the LOTH is strongly recommended to us the Laity, is that reffering to the full Divine Office with Prayer during the day, or Morning and Evening Prayer and Night Prayer?

    1. The Vatican II decree on the Liturgy and the General Instruction on the Liturgy of the Hours recommended the LOTH as a whole. However, recognizing that doing the full office each day is out of reach of many lay people, they particularly recommended Morning and Evening Prayer as the two "hinges" of the liturgical day.

  2. On a related note, do you know of any place to donate old copies of Magnificat? I realized it's not as useful as a LotH, but still.