Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Q&A- Welcome Lily and Drew edition

Two more people have managed the complicated process of getting themselves on the follower list! Welcome Lily and Drew! Glad to have you here at Coffee&Canticles, the online community of Divine Office devotees!

Tonight I'm hosting a barbecue potluck for our parish Fortnight for Freedom committee, to thank them for their hard work earlier this summer. And to maybe figure out what to do next in our efforts to save our country from a threat that very few recognize.  More immediately, this means I have to cut this post short and get to work with some major housecleaning before the guests get here.  Especially the downstairs bathroom, where a very naughty kitty,once perfectly housebroken, has been doing things to show her displeasure over our recent adoption of a dog.

Our weekly Question and Answer post ought to be called the Questions, Comments, and Answer post, because people often use it not just to ask, but to tell us really interesting and useful info related to the LOTH. For example, last week Mike Demers gave us this wonderful link.

It gives us a part of the Liturgy of the Hours which, heretofore, has not been available to the English speaking world: the second cycle of readings for the Office of Readings. If you check the index of the one-volume Christian Prayer breviary, you will find biblical references for a second cycle of OOR scripture readings. But the center for Catholic Studies link give us a second set of patristic readings. The idea is to use Year I in odd numbered years and Year II in even numbered years. (although the Church "year" starts just prior to the new calendar year on the first Sunday of Advent.)

Theoretically, these readings should appear in breviaries eventually. But now we have a way to use them right away, if we choose. And free! God bless the good scholars in Scotland and England who have given us access to an expanded treasury of patristic widsom. I can't wait for the school year to begin, at which point I'll have the leisure to start looking at these readings and maybe integrating them into my daily office.