Thursday, December 13, 2012

Welcome Plus Weekly Q&A

I'm starting to be sucked  away into the vortex of baking, gift wrapping, and decorating from which I won't often surface until 2013. So posts will be short and few.

Today, for example.

Welcome to new follower, um Wodke Hawkinson, which is, according to the profile, a composite name  for a team of two writers. It doesn't look like you guys tend to follow religious blogs, so feel free to introduce yourselves and tell about your interest in the Liturgy of the Hours.

Now, any questions related to the Divine Office?

Any comments? Me, I thought today's second reading for the feast of St. Lucy was marvellous. It was about the value of consecrated virginity, but has application to anyone who has, according to their state in life, dedicated their lives to Christ.

Also, during all of Advent so far, I've been impressed with how well the readings and antiphons of the Liturgy of the Hours really do awaken in us a longing for the second coming of Jesus. Has anyone else noticed that?


  1. I have a question! I'm using Divine Office app and on Sundays, the antiphon for the psalms is repeated after each strophe. But this is not done on weekdays. What's the story there, and why isn't it mentioned in my 1-volume version?

    1. Hi Barb,
      Repeating the antiphon after every strophe is one of those fancier options used when doing the office with a group, which, like chanting, is something that likes to do on Sunday, since that would naturally be a day of greater solemnity. But if you're using the app to pray by yourself, it may not feel like the most natural thing in the world. The one volume does not have the complete General Instruction of the LOTH, so that's why you never heard of this. I've heard from that they are planning to tweak the app so that one can fast forward 30 seconds at at time to bypass any options you don't have time for.

  2. Hi Daria, Happy Advent to you!! I was looking around for some guidelines on the reading/chanting of "O Antiphons" with the Magnificat during Vespers. Can you help me?