Thursday, May 30, 2013

Great summer Catholic book study at Catholic Mom--Do this!


I just learned about this fantastic opportunity to do a study and online discussion of Sherry Wedell's very important book, Forming Intentional Disciples.  I'd already read this book once, rather quickly, on order to write a review for a magazine. But I'd made a mental note to read it again, because this is a book that calls us to really search our hearts about what is happening (or not happening) in our parishes, and to decide what God might want us to do about that.

If you've been wanting to figure out what part you might have to play in the New Evangelization, this book is THE starting point as you search for clarity and inspiration. The folks at have teamed up with Our Sunday Visitor to offer the book at a reduced price, with free shipping. They also have weekly study questions. If you want to do more than talk to yourself about what you've read, there is the opportunity to share your thoughts on each chapter with all the other people who are dong it. Just make a comment each week, and/or share a blog post if you choose to put your reflections on your blog.

To whet your appetite,Forming Intentional Disciples   takes on the Elephant in the Room that no none wants to talk about: not only are Catholics drifting away from the Church in droves, but the vast majority of those who continue to go to mass, receive the sacraments, and even take active leadership roles in parish organizations are not what the author calls "Intentional Disciples". This term means someone who has a personal relationship with God, is actively seeking to grow in holiness, love, and union with Christ, and actually recognize the sacraments and Church teaching as a means to that end.  Until more  practicing Catholics fit this category, there won't be a real revival in parish life.

I hope this gets you interested. Now I'm going to do my first study section and comment. This is going to go on all summer so it's okay to jump in late. Oh, and guys: don't let the "CatholicMom" thing scare you. It might be a women's website, but this book study is open to everyone, and it looks like there are men participating in the comments already.