Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yep, Me and Pope Francis are getting it done!

Well, no. I"m just being facetious here, linking my activities with the tsunami of good stuff happening as a result of Pope Francis' outreach to everyone. But it was a thrill when this came from a new reader: 

"Hi Daria. as a 'lapsed Catholic of many years, I never even considered praying the LOTH. When Francis was elected pope, I was pleased & surprised & felt a need to start attending mass again. So I did and I began attending RCIA classes in September. When someone mentioned praying LOTH I looked up resources about it on net & ended up ordering "The Everyday Catholic's Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours". It was so much help! I got the app for my NOOK and later got hard copy of 'Christian Prayer'....without you book I don't think I would have ever started praying LOTH...thanks so much!" --Lori

 But Lori's note demonstrates that, contrary to what some have said, the new, Francis-driven
resurgence of interest in the Church is not a matter of shallow individuals  running after a Catholic rock star.  It takes more than that to sign up for RCIA, let alone take on something like the daily Liturgy of the Hours. Clearly in Lori's case, Christ called out to her--through Pope Francis--and she responded. May God be praised! Alleluia!

Welcome home, Lori!