Friday, April 17, 2015

The Odd Apocalypse + Q&A time


I hope all of you are having a joyous Easter season: knowing that joy that "no one will  take away from you" (John 16:22), despite the sorrows, uncertainties, and hardships that inevitably come our way.

Ron of Dismas Ministry has written me to thank all the readers of this blog who sent single and four-volume breviaries for distribution to prisoners who become interested in the Liturgy of the Hours. Thanks to your generosity, he is now well supplied. He will let us know in the future is more are needed. So for the time being, do not send any more breviaries. You can still support the efforts of Dismas Ministry with monetary donations, which are put to many good uses to support and educate prisoners in Catholic faith and practice.

Every year the Office of Readings takes us through the strangest book of the Bible, Revelation. Few of us haven't been exposed to the writings or broadcasts of non-Catholic Christians who think they have this book all figured out, down to every last symbol, every last cataclysm, and even managed to find direct references to modern Europe and the United States in there.  If you haven't--good for you, but I bet you still read the pages of Revelation wondering what much of it has to do with actual history, let alone you and your spiritual life.

What I like to do is read each days selection direct from the Ignatius Study Bible.  The very helpful footnotes really do make sense out of much of Revelation. They will also admit that some passages are simply of uncertain meaning, but will tell you which interpretations are most likely.

Do you have any other favorite Catholic study guides (books, audio courses etc.) that help you make sense of Revelation? Share them below.

Also, I haven't   posted much lately, so as always, feel free to post any questions about the Liturgy of the Hours in the comments below.