Saturday, June 6, 2015

Corpus Christi alert and Bishop's vote alert!

An alert reader recently pointed out to me that the US Bishope are meeting next week.  If you follow that link you'll see in a summary of the agenda that, among other things, they will be debating and voting on the translation ot the gospel canticles for the Liturgyy of the Hours.

Please pray that they make a good decision.

It looks like EWTN will be covering the meeting live on Wednesday from 12:30 to 3:00 PM, and on Thursday from 10 AM til 3:30 PM. Here's the EWTN website schedule.  I'm going to be travelling, with no access to television and uncertain internet, so I'd appreciate if anyone tunes in and can send me highlights of the discussion, plus the vote results, it would be nice. Of course, none of us have access to the text being voted on, unless they are going to go with the New American Bible Revised Edition version.

You can either give me your observations and comments in the comments section below, OR send me an email to thesockeys"AT" gmail "dot" com. If you get my drift...I'm trying to avoid getting spammed.

Office of Corpus Christi starts this evening, don't forget. Enjoy this lovely office. Linger over those antiphons and do the Office of Readings even if it is not your normal custom. (or at least just the readings) You'll be glad you did.