Monday, July 18, 2016

What today's Office tells us about Kim Kardashian &co.

I don't know, maybe this is silly, and the author herself suggests that possibility, but I think this article by Elizabeth Scalia is a great example of how we continually find things in the psalms that connect to our own times and lives.

Taking note of the latest iteration of the Kanye West-Kim Kardashian vs. Taylor Swift "feud" Scalia notes that Psalm 73 from today's Office of Readings seemed to apply:

For them there are no pains;
their bodies are sound and sleek.
5 They do not share in men’s sorrows;
they are not stricken like others.
6 So they wear their pride like a necklace,
they clothe themselves with violence.
7 Their hearts overflow with malice,
their minds seethe with plots.

The story goes on to note how the second reading from Ignatius of Antioch gives the antidote to such small-mindedness. Do check it out. Scalia is a Benedictine oblate and pretty darn good at plumbing what the Liturgy of the Hours has to offer.

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