Monday, November 28, 2016

Winners Announced!

Ten fortunate people have won an O Emmanuel CD!

This post explains how to send me your address so that I may notify the publisher, who will send your CD

I've had several giveaways in the past where the winners do not go back to check to see whether they'd won. I'm making every effort to contact you, but you have to do your part as well.

If I do not receive your mailing address in one weeks' time I'll have to choose a name to replace yours. Please don't make me do that. Send it to me:  thesockeys@gmail "dot" com



  1. Hi Daria, a question for you: There seems to be a doubt as to whether lay people when they recite the DO, are reciting it as a devotional, and not Liturgical (by that I understand in union with the church). Could you share your know how on this matter please?

  2. Hi Daria,

    I emailed you a couple of times on this, but have not heard back, nor have I received the CD. Just wanted to confirm you got my information.


    1. would the sender be "imperialreaction" or would it have come from some other name? I'm doing a search but not seeing it.