Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Pauline Breviary from Phillipines

A lot of people are fans of the Pauline single-volume breviary  in preference to the Catholic Book Publishing Co. edition of Christian Prayer.  The main advantage is that it has the complete four week psalter of daytime prayer, unlike the two-week sampler provided by Catholic Book  Co. IN addition, the antiphons are reprinted at the end of each psalm, which saves flipping back to find them after the Glory Be.

Problem is, Pauline USA let these go out of print some time ago. So our choices are to search ebay and other secondhand book sites for used copies, or to endure the expense and possibly risky business of ordering a Pauline Africa breviary from Kenya. As noted in many other places on this blog, the Kenyan breviary has many advantages, including the revised Grail    psalter, recently canonized saint propers, and additional Sunday antiphons for the Gospel canticles.

Another Pauline edition was brought to my attention by readers Leonard Villanueva and John Manlapig.  It's a 1993 edition, with gold edges. The price of 750 pesos comes out to just under $15 in US currency. This is not an updated edition (like the one from Kenya). It's the same text we have here in the USA, althought I"m guessing there are a few more recent saints in the proper of saints.

I have no idea if it's possible to order one by mail or what the postage would be if it was. But if you have friends or relatives in the Phillipines who come to the USA to visit, you could always have them bring you one.