Sunday, November 12, 2017

Liturgy of the Hours Prompts Conversion to Catholic Faith.

I just came across this lovely account of a man for whom the Liturgy of the Hours was the catalyst for his conversion to the Catholic Faith. And it gets even better. Originally a city councilman in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Andrae Goodnight went on to  an actor, moved to Los Angeles, and is currently starring in a play about the life of Augustus Tolton, the first African-American Catholic priest!

It's quite a story. Do go and read it.

And here's more information on his show: Tolton--from Slave to Priest


  1. I meant to send you the link for this Liturgy of the Hours conversion story, and got distracted so I'm glad to see Daria, that you picked up on it. Andre Goodnight isn't alone that praying the Divine Office opened a pathway into the Church. Worked for me, too. It was pure delight discovering my beloved Psalms were the backbone of the prayer hours. The high-caliber writings in the Office of Readings had me enthralled. Quickly I was hooked. Was only a short matter of time before the Church beckoned. Have never looked back :-)

  2. News item of interest: the Bishops of England & Wales just approved the "Gray Book" (i.e. final ICEL draft) of the Lent & Easter volume for the Liturgy of the Hours, revised to conform with MR 2011 and Liturgiam Authenticam. (see

  3. Sharia,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Regarding the Byzantine Catholic office, both the Eparchy of Stamford (Ukrainian) and Eparchy of Newton (Melkite) have the full Byzantine office in their respective Horologions. However, both books require a psalter to say the Kathismata (psalms at vespers and orthros (matins)). This is much too long unless you are a monk. A more practical book is the Melkite Book of Prayers, red bonded leather bound with 6 ribbons and gilded edges and superbly illustrated. I helped Father Theophsn Leonarczyk edit this, along with supplying him St. Proclus of Constantinople's Legendary first Homily on the Theotokos against Nestorius. $45.00 plus shipping and you have all the major prayers of the Byzantine east.

    1. Eastern Christian Publications also has "Let Us Pray to the Lord: Vol. 1, The Divine Office" (Ruthenian use), $30, and the Eparchy of St. Josaphat (Ukrainian) has a somewhat pricier edition as well simply called "Divine Office," which was highly recommended to me by a Ruthenian deacon. As far as psalters go, Holy Transfiguration Monastery's pocket Psalter is excellent, as is the ROCOR-approved "A Psalter for Prayer," which is an Orthodox revision/correction of the Coverdale Psalter.

      By the way, I still appreciate your comments of yore commending the old St. John's Abbey Short Breviary. I continue to own and treasure (and occasionally use) the copy I acquired as a result.

    2. Tom, the Divine Office" that the Eparchy of Parma sells is actually the Horologion produced by Stamford. The font is too small, so I only use it in Church. The Ruthenian prayer book I understand is to be revised to be in accord with the new Ruthenian divine liturgy translation. The Melkite books reflect the Greek as opposed to the Slavonic use, and have a larger, more pleasant font.

      I still have the 1962 and 1975 Short Breviaries. My son actually prefers compline from the 1962 book, so we say that together. Funny enough, I gave away my Baronius Breviaries and kept my Collegeville as I prefer the Confraternity Psalm translations.

    3. I agree - there is something strikingly refreshing about the Confraternity Psalms.

      Unfortunately, I too sold a set of Baronius 1962s... Before I knew that the FSSP would be moving into town and we'd get into its orbit! Now I'm trying to save up for a Nova et Vetera edition of the 1962 Office, or maybe at least one of the pocket-sized Roman Diurnals sold by the Abbey of Barroux. Thankfully the 1954 Short Breviary I have still aligns with the traditional Roman calendar.

  4. Arrgh! My computer auto corrected "Daria" to "Sharia!"

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