Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tragic demise of Pauline editions breviary

I was preparing to write a post on the features of the existent one-volume breviaries, when, glancing at the amazon ad for the Pauline Media edition (my personal favorite) I was alarmed to see "best price-$534.00"
What was that all about? Someone trying to sell a first edition? I knew this book retailed for around 38 bucks, and had often touted this as an advantage over the pricier CBC breviary. But going on Amazon, I saw that ominous word: unavailable. With growing concern, I went to pauline.org.

No breviary.

This is really too bad. The Pauline one-volume was the best book for the lay person who prays it at home. Unlike the Catholic Book Publishing one-volume, Pauline had the complete Daytime prayer rather than selections, so anyone using it had access to the entire Liturgy minus the Office of Readings.

 The Pauline book had the text of the gospel canticles right in the psalter for each day, so no flipping to the ordinary was required. Pauline printed the antiphon  both before and after  every psalm and canticle, so again, no flipping back to the beginning.

I guess this was one of those bottom line decisions that the Daughters of St. Paul (a lovely order) had to make. Maybe it was the somewhat smaller print that made this breviary less popular. Or else people preferred the soft vinyl covers of the CBC. (which I admit is the one plus of the CBC for me: any book plopped down on my kitchen counter needs to be washable.)

Pauline  was a great little breviary, and I am extremely sorry to see it go. If you have this breviary (the binding either says St. Paul Editions or Pauline Media) hang on to it. Otherwise scout the used sites. As of today I did not see any on ebay. Boo-hoo.