Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Great post and a wonderful blog

Thanks to a kind shout out from Mark Shea two weeks back, I've not only gained a few readers, but also was made aware of some fellow Under-appreciated bloggers.  At the top of my New Discoveries list is Dumb Old Housewives  It's written by two conservative, Catholic, homeschooling mothers, but there the similarity to the legion of mommy-blogs (both the super and the sappy) comes to an end.

Starting with its name, and then the subtitle--"Pursuing Sanctity, one vodka at a time",you just know this is not a Catholic mommy blog.  There's  something different every day, the only common denominator being that all posts will evoke a. laughter and b. enlightenment.  It might be movies,literature, music, pro-life news&commentary, and politics (mostly Canadian, since, for some reason,  the ladies live up there.)

Yesterday there was this excellent piece on Humane Vitae and family size. Although this topic used to be  of interest to me, it has been so hashed and rehashed that I often skip these essays nowadays. But knowing that DOH does not disappoint, I clicked anyway.

And was not disappointed.

Give it a try and see what you think.