Friday, July 6, 2012

USA Breviary revision news

Father Z. shares the latest news on the proposed revision of the Liturgy of the hours, which he received in the newsletter of the USCCB committee for Divine Worship.

In the comments, every expresses their wish lists for what a revised breviary ought to look like.

My own hopes:1. that the psalm prayers, if retained, be placed AFTER the conclusion of the psalm, as in AFTER the Glory Be an the repeated antiphon.
2. A better translation of the intercessions.
3. Scripture readings from something other than the New American Bible.
4. That artwork/graphics, if any, will be of better quality.
5. Better and clearer instructions in the ordinary that don't assume the beginner will be learning by watching senior members of a monastery or a seminary!
6. The traditional hymns from the Roman breviary (in Latin and English) rather than the many 70s-composed selections that we have now.
7. diacritical markings in the psalms to aid chanting.(underlines or italics on the words in each line where the note changes.)

What's on your wish-list for a revised breviary?