Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Liturgy of the Hours is Hard!

Hey, remember the talking Barbie that got recalled back in the 80's  because one of her phrases was "Math is hard!"  This was thought to be poor role-modelling. Thanks to the recall, there are now millions of  twenty and  thirty-something women working as engineers and physicists today, saved as they were from the horrible power of Barbie- suggestion.

Suppose Mattel toys developed "Talking Catholic Barbie".  She would be dressed in a tasteful knee length skirt and a top with sleeves, and accessorized with a rosary, a miraculous medal, and a tiny breviary. My candidates for what she'd say when her string is pulled?

"The Liturgy of the Hours is hard!"
"I'm trying to get Ken to go to RCIA"
"Choose Life! Unborn Babies are People too!"
"Viva el Cristo Rey!"
"I wonder if God might be calling me to the religious life."
"Would you like to come to adoration with me this week?"
"I'm going to clean out my closet--there's a clothing drive for the missions."
"Wouldn't it be fun to go to World Youth Day?"
"I'd just love to meet the Pope!"

Anyway, I sympathize with Catholic Barbie's first statement. It's hard to find time to say morning and evening prayer. It's hard to figure out which page in the breviary to use on a saint's memorial. It's hard to know which elements are optional and which are not.

Although I am NOT good at math, I am good at these Liturgy of the Hours questions. So if you have any, ask away.

Also, a warm welcome to new follower Elizabeth Tichvon, who has a nifty photography/devotional blog.