Wednesday, April 10, 2013

St. Therese's poetry &weekly Q&A

My husband just bought this Kindle book, The poems of St. Therese of Lisieux. and shared with me this one that she wrote about praying the Divine Office.
"Remember that the summits of the hills
Thou often didst ascend at set of sun.
Ah! how Thy prayer the long, long night-hours fills,
Thy chants of praise when weary day is done.
Thy prayer I offer now, with ever new delight,
joined to my own poor prayers, my office,
day and night.
That I, too, near Thy heart,
Take, in Thy prayer, my part,
Remember Thou!"

Isn't that lovely?

It's Wednesday--weekly Q&A day. Ask anything you like about the Liturgy of the Hours. Puzzled about Propers? Confused about Commons? Uncertain about the Psalter? I'm here to help.


  1. I thought, just after I found the blog, Coffee & Canticles, you stopped blogging since it never changed since early February.

    Now I see you changed the name or had both or whatever.

    Anyway, about Psalm 87 (D.-R.) you said, "Right now, I am most decidedly not on the brink of the grave, at the end of my strength, or weighed down with God's anger. My friends have not abandoned me, my eyes are not sunken with grief,and I do have companions other than darkness."

    Well, though I've been a long time-a-dying this prayer was written for me. As well as Psalm 37.


    1. I have no idea why the Kindle blog stopped publishing for a while, since I'd been blogging steadily. It was very confusing to me getting that resolved.

      Well, I know the day will come when I will be on the brink of the grave, so these psalms will have a personal meaning for all of us eventually. In the meantime, we pray them in behalf of all those who are suffering illness, persecution, depression, unemployment, etc. Also, on behalf of the Church which in parts of the world seems to be dying out. And now, I will pray it on your behalf as well, dear anonymous brother or sister in Christ.