Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Question for non-Americans or Americans abroad

Blog follower Russ Stutler and I are wondering how many national  or language-group breviaries contain the two year cycle for the Office of Readings. Russ lives over in Japan, and his Japanese breviary has the two- year cycle of scripture and patristic readings. I've been told that Spain has the two-year as well, although I don't think this is true for South American Spanish breviaries.

We've discussed before that unofficial translations of the two year cycle, in English, are available on a Scottish website, but it seems that no print breviary for any English-speaking nation has this. The books in use for England, Australia and Kenya are identical to the USA version as far as the Office of Readings are concerned.

So, any of you with light to shed on this topi--shed away!