Monday, May 5, 2014

Offices for Polish Saints Online

As you probably know, there are far more saints than there are days on the calendar. Each of them does a feast or memorial. But there are only a limited number of saints that appear on the "Universal Calendar", to be commemorated by the Church throughout the world.  Saints which do not appear on the Universal Calendar are still commemorated in the countries of their birth, or in the religious orders they belonged to, or in places where there is great devotion to them. 

So the breviary and missal  used in Africa has prayers and readings for, say,  Blessed Clementine Anuarite that we don't have in the USA. Our American breviary has prayers and readings for St. Elizabeth Seton that you won't find in the African breviary. And so on. 

My ethnic background is Polish, and I've often wished I could celebrate the memorials of Polish saints beyond those few that appear on the Universal calendar. So imagine how happy I  was to learn yesterday about the Polish Breviary.  The author of this relatively new blog posts facts about every feast and memorial celebrated in Poland, tells you which of the commons is used, and then links to a pdf of the proper for each memorial, including reading 2 of the Office of Readings. (And all this is in English, not Polish.)

I will certainly go back to Polish Breviary in the fall for the memorials of St. Pope John Paul II and Blessed Jerzy Poplieluszko.  In fact, I'm going to sign up to get notices in my email for every Polish feast and memorial.   

I wonder whether there are online breviary supplements like this for saints of other nations?  I'll be happy to publicize them if they turn up. Meanwhile, thanks to "kodakkk" for letting me know about this fine project. May it thrive.