Wednesday, June 25, 2014

St. Josemaria, Sacred Heart+Q&A

I've said it before, but summer tricks me every year, promising more time to relax and/or work on interesting projects, but in reality making both of those things more difficult: my disabled son is out of school, requiring more supervision from me, plus the increase in yard and garden work, however pleasant in some ways, sucks up all that time that I'd imagined would be devoted to writing, trying out new hobbies, or whatever it was I'd imagined would happen during the summer. Not that I'm complaining. I love summer. But it does throw me off. Hence, not a lot of blog post these days.

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I just learned that one Coffee&Canticles fan has a Divine Office group going on Reddit. I was so please to lean this--the more sites and blogs and chat groups devoted tot he Liturgy of the Hours, the better. I had thought that--aside from actual online breviaries, Coffee&Canticles was the only show in town, and am thrilled to learn that this is not so.

Anyway, I learned from the Divine Office Reddit blog that tomorrow is the memorial of St. Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, and that the moderator has assembled the propers and readings for this memorial. But whether you use the weekday tomorrow OR go with what he has found, it's important to keep in mind that Friday is the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,--a solemnity--so you will want to go with Evening Prayer I for this feast on Thursday evening.
Caring for visiting grandchildren yesterday made it impossible for me to attend mass for the solemnity of the birth of St. John the Baptist. That reminded me of what a great gift we have in the Liturgy of the Hours. No matter what our circumstances, we could join the universal Church in celebrating this holy day. This one handy book gives us psalms, scripture readings, key gospel and other bible verses relevant to the Baptist.  I mean, if I had said to myself "I'd like to do a bible study on St. John the Baptist", I couldn't have found a better, ready made program than the Office of Readings, plus morning and evening prayer for June 24th. What's more, while I did that "bible study" I was also offering prayer and praise to God with the rest of the Church.  

What  deal!

Okay, if you have any questions or comments, fire away.