Monday, July 7, 2014

Help Cistercian Nun with Breviary Research

I recently received this email from Sister Eleanor. Read it and see if any of you can help her out. 

Greetings from Rome!  I'm a Irish Cistercian (Trappistine) nun - my community is in Ireland, but at the moment I'm working at our Generalate in Rome.
Like you, I'm passionate about the Liturgy of the Hours.  Right now I'm drafting an article which I'm hoping will be accepted by an Irish liturgical/pastoral monthly magazine.  I'm talking about internet resources, and one of the things I thought I'd include is to encourage people to follow blogs about the Liturgy of the Hours. 

I want to name a few blogs.  So, there's yours, and... ???  Is that all?  I must be missing something, surely?  I mean blogs that are exclusively, or at least primarily, about the Liturgy of the Hours, that others might learn something from. 
I've even checked all the blogs in your sidebar, but none of them fits the bill for what I'm interested in.  Can you point me to any others, please?   I'd be grateful!

I made Sister aware of the Breviary Hymns blog, and also the newer Musical Breviary (see my previous post).
And Sister knows all about the several online breviaries.

Is there anything else we're missing? Let me know and I"ll tell Sister Eleanor.