Monday, August 11, 2014

Enchanting Chant Resources

Memorial of St Clare of Assisi. Don't miss her letter today in the Office of Readings. picture credit:

I was fooling around on the internet this morning and came across a few more chant resources.

Chanting the Liturgy of the Hours is something I love more in theory than in fact these days, but once the school year starts and I have a little more peace, quiet, and actual time to do it, I hope to get back to chanting Lauds a few days a week.

This link gives various Sunday lauds and vespers chants for the liturgical seasons and ordinary time.

This blog post on the Walking With God blog has many, many links for chant and music sources, both Latin and English. I've only just begun checking some of them out  myself.

I think I've mentioned Musical Breviary before.  The gentleman who runs this site has accomplished the seemingly Herculean project of recording podcasts of daily chanted lauds and vespers for the entire year. Due to copyright issues he uses a public domain version of the psalms and readings.