Saturday, October 22, 2016

Memorial of St. John Paul II Today!

This is a good day to have a breviary app handy even if you normally use a real book.

You will find the necessary texts for St. John Paul II at,, and

The only texts needed are the concluding prayer for any of the hours AND the second reading of the Office of Readings.   However, if you want, you could also switch into the Common of Pastors with the "for a Pope" options after doing the regular psalms of the day in the four-week psalter.

Today being Saturday, you must do Evening Prayer I of Sunday rather than the memorial this evening.


  1. I used the Common of Pastors this morning.

  2. Also USCCB if you want to print them out:

  3. Note also that if you follow the Ordo (which is what I use), it also specifies the Common of Pastors.

  4. Hello Daria

    Happy Name Day for the 25th October (at least by the Extra-ordinary Form calendar).

    I hope the votive office in honour of your patron is going well.

    Thanks for all the encouragement and advice you provide to those who pray the LOTH.

    Kind regards

    1. Thanks for reminding me. I'd already done morning prayer when I saw your message, but did use the votive in the evening. And posted about it too. Someone told me that she has an alternate memorial day in February or March that is used in Rome, but I have not yet researched this.