Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Patron Saint

I had an email from one of you today, wishing me a happy nameday. Good thing, because I'd forgotten all about St. Daria this year.

image from Catholiconline.org
Of course I shouldn't leave out her husband St. Chrystanthus, so here they are together.

And then there's the recent and exciting information that their bones were recovered and identified in 2008:

Photo via ChristianNewswire

So I will probably do vespers today using the common of several martyrs.  Here is a link to a pretty good article if you want to know more about Sts. Daria and Chrysanthum.

Now, whenever you see or hear my name you will have something else in your mind besides this girl:


  1. You can just add a saint to the Liturgy like that? You are not a parish even...

    1. I admit that this is not spelled out in the instructions. But I'm extrapolating from the permission given to substitute another office (such as OFfice for the Dead, or of Our Lady) on any day that is marked "weekday" on the Universal Calendar. Don't forget, this saint's optional memorial really does exist on October 25th in the Roman calendar. In fact, there are usually half a dozen saints' days on just about every day of the year. We just don't see those listings in our liturgical books, which only includes saints that the Church has determined to be of interest to the church worldwide. Also, you will notice in the various commons, there's a concluding generic prayer that leaves a space to insert a saint's name. Since all the memorials in the proper have a prayer which names the saint, I can only conclude that these generic prayers in the commons are for exactly these occasions--weekdays when you wish to commemorate the traditional memorial of a saint who does not appear on the Universal calendar.