Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Introducing...my Co-blogger

As you all must have noticed, my posting here has been pretty spotty for well over a year. This is due to several causes, such as a. my besetting fault of laziness combined with perpetually poor time management skills; b. lots of family stuff, some positive and some negative, that have preyed upon my time, and c. a feeling that I've said pretty much all I have to see about the Liturgy of the Hours, and have said it many times. I no longer have a big supply of fresh insights to share.

So it seemed it was time to bring someone else on board. Mike Demers has been following this blog for years. He comments frequently, often supplying the correct answer to the questions people ask here before I've even noticed that a question was asked! He has no agenda other than to express his  enthusiasm for the Liturgy of the Hours, and to help others to love it the way he does.

Therefore, you will be seeing Mike's posts here pretty regularly from here on. In fact, his enthusiasm was such that he  already posted before I got around to introducing him. Who knows? Maybe his zeal will inspire me to be here a bit more often than I have of late.

So please give Mike a warm welcome. And feel free to ask him lots of questions. Keep him busy.