Thursday, June 21, 2018

An update on

Way back in May 2016 had to reorganize itself as a Nonprofit(c)(3) status due to legal problems regarding permissions with GIA (psalms) and the USCCB for selections from the New American Bible. It has been a long and costly process for this website. It was soon forced to close itself to the public. 

The unique thing about was its audio library of hymns and the entire Liturgy of the Hours was spoken, recited, chanted, and sung every day for all the hours. It was truly an amazing thing and showed how much work and love these people had put into it. 

I asked Monica Geana yesterday for an update. I'll simply post her reply:

We are told the review of our content will take another 6 months, so God willing, we will be able to add the app back on the market and open the website next year. I'm sorry we don't have a precise date. God bless.
Thank you for praying with us,

Please help by your prayers and any financial contributions you can afford. Thank you.


  1. You'd think a voluntary implementation of Vatican II's call for the popularization of the Divine office would be celebrated, but no. Never let a good deed go unpunished.

  2. It surely seems so, Tom. Many people have complained about this. Brant Pitre at used to read and comment on the NAB readings for Sunday Mass but ran into difficuties with the USCCB (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) over this. He simply dropped the NAB and switched to the RSV Bible. Brandon Vogt ( also ran into problems using the NABRE bible. Sheesh!

  3. I am really looking forward to your return. I have you on my home computer, but I also used you on my iPad while I travel during the day so I could drive and listen to the Office. With the upgrades of the OS on the iPad, I can no longer use your audio while on the road. You have been and will continue to be in my prayers.

  4. I miss I loved hearing the audio of the prayers and hymns. It made it so much easier to learn and felt like I was praying with others. I look forward to your return (hopefully soon)!

  5. I am praying for your return as it meant a lot knowing I was praying and giving thanks with others throughout the world. I loved to sing along with whichever person or choir was providing the music. Thank you for giving me a deeper way of praying, if only for a short time. God bless your work reaching out to those who used your app because of being housebound or simply just praying.

  6. I have a book of this. But i find divine office digital because it is handy and arranged daily, you dont have to flip pages fir the readings of the day. Thank you so much.