Saturday, April 4, 2015

Awake, Sleeper! Today's Reading narrated with great art and soundtrack.

You can always trust the amazing Brantly Millegan of ChurchPop  to find the best Christian stuff--blogs, videos, lists, and humor--and send it to you each day.

Today is no exception.

The second reading in today's Office of Readings (Holy Saturday) is among the best of the entire year. I look forward to learning the name of  the "anonymous ancient author" whose sermon we read on this day.    Anyway, courtesy of the net-surfing expertise of ChurchPop, here is that same sermon on a Youtube video. The narrator does a good job, the artwork choices are awesome, and the music--from "The Passion of the Christ", works well as a soundtrack for this gorgeous reading.

A Blessed Easter to you all.


  1. A very happy Easter to you Daria, and your family, and to all who read your blog, and a very special thanks for all your work and instruction on the Divine Office.


  2. Ironically, during the Easter Octave and the Christmas Octave I have a hard time with the LOTH. One of the reasons I like LOTH so much is that every day is a new treasure. Instead for Easter and Christmas, the psalms stay the same throughout the octaves for both Morning and Evening Prayer. By the end of the octave I really feel like I'm grinding through them rather than reciting them joyfully.

    1. I read the mass readings at Morning Prayer (in place of the short reading) so there's always something new. (On normal weekdays I only do MP and EP, so I read the OOR readings at Evening Prayer too, that way even during ordinary time there's always something new about the day.)

      I agree with you on the octaves though, they can be a bit of a trudge.

    2. I see what you mean, but for Morning Prayer, at least, I kind of like the repetition, because the psalms and canticle of Sunday I are some of my favorites. In fact, I have them all by heart after all these years, so during this week I can do it while walking outdoors or looking out the window at the view, just glancing down at my book for the antiphons. And as hikarugenji points out, the OOR Readings are particularly good this week, so that can make up for the perceived monotony.