Sunday, November 12, 2017

Liturgy of the Hours Prompts Conversion to Catholic Faith.

I just came across this lovely account of a man for whom the Liturgy of the Hours was the catalyst for his conversion to the Catholic Faith. And it gets even better. Originally a city councilman in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Andrae Goodnight went on to  an actor, moved to Los Angeles, and is currently starring in a play about the life of Augustus Tolton, the first African-American Catholic priest!

It's quite a story. Do go and read it.

And here's more information on his show: Tolton--from Slave to Priest

Thursday, November 2, 2017

A holy prank from the Holy Souls?

After returning from All Soul's mass, I noticed a comment from a reader on the previous post. Josemaria posted a link to the above video and added, "who does this lady remind you of?"

Well, yeah. Same first name. And for those of you who haven't seen or heard me, I'll add: similar hairstyle, similar eyeglasses, and similar voice. I also did a little internet searching to learn that Dr. Spezzano and I are pretty close in age.

Spooky, but  good kind of spooky. Thanks, holy souls! I have a feeling that learning about Dr. Spezzano today of all days  was arranged by them.   I'll be chuckling as I pray the rest of the Office for the Dead for all of them today.

The above is a great lecture. It's an hour long, but worth it. You will learn a lot.