About the Liturgy of the Hours

The Divine Office aka Liturgy of the Hours aka  the Breviary is a collection of daily psalms, prayers, and scripture readings that has been part of the Church's liturgical prayer life almost from it's very beginnings. It is prayed at morning, midday, evening, night, plus one other "floating hour" that can be done at any time. Many people only pray one or two of the liturgical hours each day rather than all five. The two principle hours are Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer, and these are what the Church recommends to lay people above all the others. (Don't let the term "hours" scare you. It only takes a few minutes to recite each one.)

The prayers of the Divine Office rotate in a four week cycle throughout the year, with additional variations for the liturgical seasons and/or feast days.   

Although long perceived to be the territory of religious and clergy, the Divine Office is strongly recommended by the Church to us lay people. 

I have been praying the Divine Office for many years.   The purpose of this blog is to encourage and teach people to pray it, and to share some of the spiritual treasures I find in its pages every day. 

Do you want to know more about the Divine Office?

Did you buy a breviary but gave up trying to figure out how to use it?

Are you praying the Divine Office but not sure you're doing it right?

Are you finding it difficult and/or interesting to figure out what we should be thinking as we pray each psalm?

Do want a forum  to share the thoughts and inspirations that come to you as you pray the Divine Office?

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