Divine Office talks and workshops

...for your Catholic gathering, conference, day of recollection, or retreat.

I am now available to speak and give workshops on the Liturgy of the Hours. Here's my formal pitch.

Author/journalist/blogger available for  conferences
Sanctify the Hours of Your Day!
It's the best kept secret of the Church's spiritual treasury.
Nearly as old as the Church itself, the Liturgy of the Hours,
(also called the Divine Office), is a repeating cycle of psalms,
bible readings and prayers, synched to the feasts and seasons
of the liturgical year. The Liturgy of the Hours offers us multiple
short, daily prayer-breaks to sanctify each phase of our
busy day,and to refresh our souls with the riches of scripture and tradition.
Pope Benedict said,
I would like to renew my call to everyone to pray the Psalms, to
become accustomed to the Liturgy of the Hours,Lauds, Vespers, and Compline.” (11/2011 Audience)
Surely this “everyone” includes the committed Catholic men and women who attend your
conference or event. For too long Catholics have felt intimidated by an outdated notion that the Divine Office was only for clergy and religious, or by the lack of clear instructions for praying the breviary. Online digital breviaries now make this prayer easy and available to everyone.
Veteran Catholic writer Daria Sockey has made the Office a part of her prayer life for many years, including the season of life when caring for a large, homeschooled family took up most of her day. Her blog, Coffee and Canticles, has been a source of information and inspiration for both newcomers and those who are experienced with the public prayer of the Church. And her book, The Everyday Catholic's Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours, has been a Catholic bestseller.  Daria's message would make an excellent addition to any conference where Catholics go to improve their prayer lives, knowledge of scripture, liturgy, or Catholic customs. Homeschooling mothers are always hungry for ways to integrate prayer into their busy day. Her basic talk explains what the Liturgy of the Hours is, why one should consider praying it, and resources for making it happen. She can also follow this talk up with a practical break-out session/workshop that gives the “how-to's” in detail. In addition, if your conference includes group prayer time in its schedule, Daria would be happy to lead morning or midday prayer as a way to introduce attendees to the Liturgy of the Hours.