Saturday, May 30, 2015

Trinity Sunday Alert! Plus Q&A

For those of you who use a print breviary, thus not having a personal digital servant to find the correct page for you:

Trinity Sunday begins with Evening Prayer I tonight. So, although we've been using the psalter alone for the 8th week of ordinary time, you'll be going back to the proper of seasons to do a special office for Trinity Sunday. This is page 641 in the one volume "Christian Prayer" breviary, and page 572 in the four volume breviary. (volume III)

You'll be doing the same sort of thing next Sunday for Corpus Christi, and also on June 12th for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart.

Feel free to ask any questions about the Liturgy of the Hours by making a comment below. I will try to answer in a timely fashion.

Enjoy these lovely spring/summer days that seem to be here to stay at last.

Don't forget, you may add extra intentions to the intercessions at Evening Prayer. Don't forget to include help and healing and courage for all who have suffered in recent floods in Texas.   


  1. Thank you Daria for this post! this is big help for me! I'm from the Philippines and a postulant of the Benedictine World Community for Christian Meditation(WCCM). I love your photo of a coffee mug, a "to do list" and the brev. That is so much like me! God bless you and looking forward to more of Coffee and Canticles!

  2. The best thing about _Christian Prayer_ is the list in the back of the TWO YEAR CYCLE of scriptural readings. Let's pray the new Breviary will have the same. Pray the Two Year Cycle, and you pray almost the whole Bible, and you'll know Scripture better than any Protestant Fundamentalist.

    For the 2nd reading, I use _A Word In Season_, published by Augustinian Press.

  3. I wanted to share this link with general information about the USCCB Spring Assembly: The agenda can be found here:
    One item on the agenda includes "debate and vote on revised Canticles for the Liturgy of the Hours for use in U.S. dioceses"

  4. Any recommendations for book covers? I am looking for covers with plenty of space to hold the common text cards and holy cards as well as the books. Thank you.

    1. Catholic Book Publishing used to have vinyl covers for their books that do have that nice pocket for your cards. Go on their website and see if they still have them.