Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Happy as a Ferret...

..that has discovered a wastebasket.

For several reasons:

-Several more people have inexplicably began following this blog despite the lack of many recent, high-quality posts. Now that I'm home after attending a writer's conference, which taught me, among other things, to be a better blogger, I'll try to get back to former frequency and quality. Thus to be worthy of all the people who have kindly taken an interest in what I have to say about the Divine Office.

-These several more people have brought regular followers up to 30, after weeks of languishing in the 20s. It's always nice to break a new numeric ceiling. Thank you!

-At said writer's conference (Catholic Writer's Guild, to be precise. Wonderful group of people.) I successfully pitched my idea for a beginner's guide to praying the Divine Office to a major Catholic acquisitions editor! She wants to see the full proposal and some sample chapters!  So Learning the Ropes is one tiny step closer to maybe actually happening. 

-At said writer's conference I met or met again with some of the smartest and kindest people in the Catholic writing and blogging business, including Sarah Reinhard , Lisa Hendey , Susie Lloyd ,Pat Gohn , Karina Fabian ,Ellen Hrkach ,  Ann Lewis and  super-friend Celeste Behe.

As for that high-quality post filled with spiritual insight...sorry, come back tomorrow. After 5 hours on Interstate 80, I can't do much more than say "Into your hands I commend my spirit", and fall into bed.

Til tomorrow.