Thursday, August 25, 2011

Running Late today

I really do say Morning Prayer quite early. Most of the time.

But somehow, whenever it's Thursday, Week I, I find myself hopelessly behind, and praying from Psalm 57:
My heart is ready.
I will sing your praise.
Awake, my soul, awake lyre and harp,
I will awake the dawn... anywhere from 9:30 AM til noon. Obviously,my heart was NOT ready to awake the dawn.

Which does not discourage me at all. St. Therese said that  God loves to watch his children when they are sleeping. 


  1. Rarely awaken the dawn either...unless I pretend I'm praying in another time zone!

  2. I am usually praying at about 9 am. And I agree with St Therese! God bless!

  3. "My heart is ready"

    Oh that is one of my favorite lines ever! Thursday Week 1 will always remind me of the day Ben was born and praying Psalm 57 in my hospital room as I waited for surgery. I didn't feel at all ready to face the trials of the day but that verse stayed with me in the OR and helped carry me through a very hard experience.

  4. One of my favorites, too. Not that anyone is ever ready for a c-section, but certainly a good verse to repeat over and over at that time.

    Now that I have to get someone out the door to school by 7:20--starting today--I will be a lot closer to waking the dawn. Especially as the sun is rising later and later.