Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How's Your Office Going?Holiday shortcuts and Your questions.

With all the extra chores and activities--fun but exhausting--that Advent imposes, it's tempting, and sometimes an absolute necessity, to skip some of your breviary.  That might mean leaving out one of the hours you're normally committed to (i.e. bye-bye day time prayer til 12/26) or it might mean sticking to your normal  prayer times, but taking a few short cuts to get them done faster. (i.e. skipping the psalm prayers or not repeating the antiphon at the end of the psalm.

This is not wrong! Remember, there is no requirement for you to pray with the same frequency or length at all times. There are seasons in our lives that might require changes in order for us to remain healthy and at peace.
The General Instruction on the Liturgy of the Hours says in several places that laity in particular can and should adapt the Hours to their situation.
At the same time, we do need the peace that a prayer break affords now more than ever. So don't cut too many corners if you can help it.

What does your minimalist version of the Divine Office look like when it's one of those days? And/or, how do you juggle the rest of your Advent committments so as to be faithful to daily prayer?

Also, any other  questions are welcome in the comments section today.