Thursday, March 22, 2012

Will I See You in Pittsburgh Tomorrow?

I hate leaving my middle-of-nowhere farmhouse and schlepping down to Pittsburgh. I have to  when a family member needs to see a medical specialist, or for airport runs,  and then maybe once more per year to the zoo or museum. Interstates--yuck! Parking garages--ouch! My city aversion even trumps my love of fashion, so the J.C.Penney at our tiny local mall is about as high end as my  shopping sprees get.

But tomorrow I'll be doing a four-hour round trip on the horrible highways to join the (hopefully) thousands at the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally. Besides getting mad, sad, and scared at what is happening in this country, there is not much else we can do besides signing every petition in sight, contacting our congressmen, and praying like crazy. So, big pain in the neck as it is, it seems necessary to at least help to swell the crowds that are gathering everywhere tomorrow.
Here's the details:
Concerned citizens in Pittsburgh are joining others all over the Country in staging a STAND UP FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RALLY at Noon on Friday, March 23.
The Pittsburgh rally will be held at:
The Federal Building, 1000 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, PA
(setup at corner of Liberty Ave., 10th St and Wm Penn Pl.)
on Friday, March 23 from Noon to 1PM
Parking available in garage at 55 11th St. (Liberty & Penn Aves & 12th St)
One block from the Federal Building
 This peaceful rally will include guest speakers, print signs and handouts. More info on the HHS Mandate is at
I hope any western Pennsylanians who read this will be there, and that the rest of you will attend the nearest rally in your state.   I'm hoping the crowd will be so huge that this will  be hopeless, but--I'll be wearing khaki pants, a red shirt, and a black&white floral jacket, in case you notice and want to come say hello. We could say daytime prayer together.