Thursday, March 1, 2012

Know Any Divine Office Beginners?

Sort of how it feels when you are learning the breviary.

As some of you might know, another version of this blog appears on the Catholic Exchange website, which has recently been re-vamped, improved, updated, etc. It is worth visiting for reasons other than my blog being there!

The Catholic Exchange version of Coffee&Canticles will contain some of the same posts that appear here, and occasionally, other pieces that do not appear here. For the next week or two, I'll be doing some "Divine Office 101" types of posts for CE readers who are less familiar with the Liturgy of the Hours than most of you. Some of this is material from my "How To" tab here, but reworked, remixed, and tidied up a bit. Here is one example.

If you have friends who are teetering on the edge of trying out the Liturgy of the Hours, you might want to direct them to Catholic Exchange and find me either by clicking on "bloggers" on the menu bar, or finding my picture in the blogger slideshow a little further down the page.