Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weekly Q&A -Post grandchildren visit edition

Daughter, Son-in-Law, and the two babies (Harald and Edward Francis) and their huge dog just left aftera four day visit. Fun, but I am drained of energy. I haven't even had the will to satisfy my curiosity about St. Norbert, whose memorial was today. The blurb in my breviary said he tried to reform a diocese without much success, his attempts being met with protests in the street. I wonder what sorts of reforms they were protesting, but don't care to heave my carcass over to the hall book case to get Butler's Lives of Saints off the shelf to see what it says.

Anyway, I have no clever remarks for today's post, but invite Divine Office-related questions from anyone who has them. After a good night's sleep I should have the will and the wit to answer them.

Welcome, new blog followers, Dave and David G. Glad to have you. Make yourselves at home.