Monday, October 7, 2013

Where Do You Put Each Ribbon in Your Breviary?

A reader asks:

I've been praying the LoH for several months from the app. Today I picked up a copy of the single-volume CBC LoH. One question - what`s the best (or most common) way to use the bazillion and one ribbons in the book to mark out pages?

I haven't used the one-volume for quite a while, but here's what I did back in the day. 
Of the five ribbons in Christian Prayer one would always go in the four-week psalter. Another would be in the proper of seasons, since this section is used every Sunday in ordinary time, and every day during the holy seasons. 
Ribbon #3 would mark Night Prayer, and #4 in the Proper of Saints. The last one came in handy on days when one of the commons was used. 

This system worked for me because I was not using the Daytime Prayer or the selections of Office of Readings that are in Christian Prayer. When I added the OOR to my routine I purchased a single volume containing just this hour, a book now sadly out of print. 

A beginner to the Liturgy of the Hours might want to keep a ribbon in the Ordinary for the Invitatory Psalm and the gospel canticles until these are eventually memorized. But it is actually easier to make photo copies of these and paste them onto the inside front and back covers.

It is also a good idea to keep one or two holy cards in your breviary in case you want to mark the location of a hymn or some other spot in Christian Prayer. 


  1. Each of the 4 volume copies of LOTH came with a set of 4 cards with morning/evening canticles, invitatory psalms, solemnities/feast, and night prayers which could be used. Of course, the large print came only with 1 set. However, I found it easier to mark morning/evening canticles (AM/PM), Sunday of 1st week, daytime psalms, and nite prayers with tabs marked as such and used the ribbons for major "fllippings". One was for OOR, one for weekly psalter, one daily nite prayers, one for solemnities/feast/memorials, and one kept the psalm 95 ready to go (it's usually the beginning of instructions).

  2. For Christian Prayer

    Ribbon #1: Proper of seasons

    Ribbon #2: Ordinary

    Cheat Sheets: 4-Week Psalter

    Ribbon #3: Night Prayer

    Ribbon #4: Proper of Saints

    Ribbon #5: Hymns

    I kept the ribbons here, and when I needed an extra marker for the commons, I used one of the Cheat Sheets.

    Now I am using the African 1-volume Breviary (the Prayer of the Church), which only has four ribbons and no separate section for the Hymns. Here is my ribbon configuration for that:

    Ribbon #1: Proper of Seasons

    Ribbon #2: Ordinary

    Invitatory Cheat Sheet: 4-Week Psalter

    Ribbon #3: Night Prayer

    Gospel Canticles Cheat Sheet: Ordinary Time

    Ribbon #4 Proper of Saints

    Again, when I need to use the Commons, I have to rearrange my cheat sheets, but that is no big deal. I have found it to beneficial to arrange my ribbons and sheets for the next day after Night Prayer the night before.

  3. What was the name and publisher of the one volume OOR book that you mention above that is now out of print?

  4. What was the name and publisher of the one volume OOR book that you mention above that is now out of print?

    1. It's Pauline Media, although I think maybe back then Pauline Media called itself Daughters of St. Paul. You might find it on ebay now and then.

    2. Thanks Daria, but what is the name of the book that Pauline Media put out there? I have the Daughters of St Paul Christian Prayer (Hard cover) and it is very nice and out of print, but I can't seem to find the title of the one you are mentioning. If you could reply to here and nelsonj6 (at) ccf (dot) org that would be great.

      God bless and thank you!

  5. The one volume breviary I got from Pauline is the daily prayer.... Printed by Collins press 2007. Hope this helps anyone

  6. I thought I'd share where I place my ribbons. I actually went to the local craft store and got two more, taping them down with red duct tape; looks pretty nice. So I now have seven, and here's where I place them. I use the one volume Christian Prayer.

    Proper of Seasons (current day/week)
    The Four-Week Psalter (current day)
    The Four-Week Psalter (Sunday of Week I)
    Proper of Saints (next upcoming date)
    Commons (placed as needed)
    Hymn (hymn for the current prayer)

    On those days that refer to two different places in the Commons, I'll use the one for the hymn as the second one, and use a cheat sheet to mark the hymn.

    Thought others might be interested :)