Monday, June 20, 2011

Liturgy served fresh 5 times daily! (with a side of Italian language drill)

Oh Marvellous Me!  I am so darn hip and technological (for a woman of a certain age) that I've managed to copy and paste code for the iBreviary widget right on to this blog--over there to the left and down a bit. Can't tell you what this has done for my confidence and self-esteem, blogwise. (All young techies reading this may now laugh at me for up to ten seconds)

Now any liturgical prayer seeker  who stumbles across this blog will have the ability to try it out right here. As always, I encourage such ambitious and ardent Christians to ask me any questions should they be at all confused.

The rest of you, who more or less know what you are doing, might also want to pray one of your hours in conjunction with your visit here. Feel free to send me  your comments on the prayer of the day--should you feel inspired to do so--either as a comment on anh post, or else directly to me at  I'm getting to the point where some guest posts might be useful. Being a bear of very little brain, my insights are limited. I know some of you are much more devout than I am, belong to third orders, etc., and probably have lots of wonderful thougths to share.

And there's more!  Practice your Italian each day by scrolling down to the end of the menu widget and checking out the saints of the week. iBreviary is based in Italy, although it's available in English, Spanish, French and Latin.  For some reason they do not translate the saint's names or the biographies that appear when you click on each saint's name. But this is a good thing if you would like to practice Italian.

The only problem with ibreviary--although I'm working on it--is that it seems to be on Italian time (5 hours ahead of us), so if you try to use this for Compline, you're going to find yourself in tomorrowland. Unless you normally say Compline before 7PM.

I don't want to be a miser with the iBreviary widget. If you want to put it on your own blog, just go   here for instructions. Or click on the bottom of the widget. Where it says, "get widget."