Thursday, July 21, 2011

Facing God

I am p.o.'d at Blogger I am offering up Blogger today because as I hit "publish" the text of my long post vanished. Irretrievably.

Here's the short version:
Don't miss today's Office of Readings. It illustrates why this hour of the Liturgy is so worth doing if you can find time.

Wait, no! Don't try to find time. Ask God to Give you the time as Melanie at Wine Dark Sea so eloquently explains.

Anyway, today's OOR is a mini-Bible study on the notion of The Face Of God. The psalms, antiphons, and prayers have lots of lovely statements like, "let t"he light of your face shine on us" and "Why do you hide your face" and "the glory of God shining on the face of Christ." (I'm not going to list references again. Too much work.)  Then there's a marvellous commentary on  this whole  concept by St. Ambrose. 

If you don't own a 4-volume breviary, just use the ibreviary gadget on the left, or Keep in mind that Ibreviary changes to tomorrow's office by around 6pm, so if it's evening when you read this, click on "more" on the tab bar and change the date back.

My book is coming along pretty well, so I will be back here more often. Probably not too consistently, however, until summer is over. Summer being what it is.


  1. Thanks for the encouragement to read the Breviary.

    I will take heed.

    I also have exeprienced the censorship of the Evil One. There is no other way to explain the recent disappearing act of my blog posts.

    Ok. maybe there is....check this article out.

    Pax Christi - Lena

  2. I just have to say that I haven't heard p.o.'d in two decades and it made me smile! I hope your blogger issues are being resolved.