Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome, Q&A, Beheading (I mean, Passion) edition

I'll begin today's Q&A with a question of my own: when did we start calling the Beheading of John the Baptist the Passion of John the Baptist?  I noticed today's feast listed that way on two online breviaries, ran to my print breviary to assure myself that this title had not always been the case, and then began to ponder: when was this name change made, by whom and why?  I can reason out several reasons why the change might have been made, as well as a reason it might not be a good idea, but if this is an official action of the Church, my reasons are not important.  

So if anyone has light to shed on this topic, please let me know. 

I'm also chuckling to think how ridiculous my question would seem to so many people (whom I need not fear upsetting because they don't read this blog) when there are so many important things to worry and wonder about in the world and in our nation. Economic crises! The upcoming USA election! Who will advance to the finals in America's Got Talent! And here I am babbling about such minutiae as the name of a feastday.

Little do they know that my little quibble hovers at the border of one of the most important things in the world. The liturgy. The way in which we little ants on the bottom of the Creator's  shoe find ourselves able to be part of the conversation as God speaks to God. So yeah, maybe not so petty of me to wonder about the Beheading to Passion switch. 

Welcome new followers Geoff, Clifton, Tami, and I would also say, Michael Demers, since his picture just appeared on the followers list. But Mike has been making interesting and helpful comments on this blog for so long that I think this appearance just formalizes a connection that already existed. PS Mike, what kind of dog is that in your picture?

Lots of followers have blogs or websites  of their own, which I sometimes have mentioned but don't do consistently. That will now be remedied starting this week. New follower Tami is part of a wonderful bible study effort that you can learn about here,  although this page I just linked is for a particular article that I enjoyed, rather than the homepage. That would be here, at Turning to God's Word.

Okay. Question or comment time. Anything puzzling or remarkable about the Liturgy of the Hours that you'd like to talk about?

Shout out to "Cut Fastball" who asked a question on an old post but I lost the email message and so cannot locate which post you wrote on:
I'm sorry but I have no inside info on the Baronius Press breviary. Maybe try Father Z who really keep up on all things EF.