Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekly Q&A - Heat Relief Edition

Welcome, new blog followers Karen and "Flowers". Good to have you here. Feel free to question or comment any time, any post.

Finally, a break in the heat/humidity/frequent rain. We've had a couple of cool dry days and clear, starry nights  that awaken the longing for autumn in my heart.

And made it possible to get the deck painted, so I am feeling very, very good these days.

More exciting news: EWTN has agreed to interview me on Bookmarks with Doug Keck!!!!!
I'm not sure yet if this is a live broadcast or a taping for future broadcast, but it will take place on August 8th at the Catholic Marketing Network convention in Somerset, New Jersey. I'm thrilled that the Everyday Catholics Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours is getting this kind of exposure. Hopefully many more Catholics will start praying with the Church universal as a result of this program.

Okay, weekly Q&A time. Any and all comments and questions about the breviary are welcome here.

And happy St. Anne&Joachim day to you all. I like to think of this as an unofficial Catholic Grandparents Day, so may special blessings come today, through the intercession of this holy couple, to all those in this demographic.