Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Flaming Yet Unburned!

There's a description of Our Lady--in her fruitful virgnity--from tonight's liturgy, that you may keep in mind as you watch New Year's fireworks on television, or maybe live if you live in a pleasant climate.

Just as we pass the baton of each liturgical hour around the globe in a perpetual relay of praise, some of you are already celebrating the new year in Japan, Australia, and other Pacific places. Those in Europe and Asia are next. It's a blessing to be aware and connected, thanks to the internet and the Hours.

I hope none of you have had much trouble with the days of Christmas, which tend to give us a saint's day in the morning and a celebration of the Octave in the evening. Now we have a solemnity, which is pretty straightforward since everything is in the proper of seasons.

New Years resolutions, anyone? How about greater regularity with your Liturgy of the Hours, OR to add one more daily hour to your routine.