Monday, March 3, 2014

Books for Lent

Well, so much for blogging every day for a week. I blew it after four days. Oh well.

On an earlier post someone asked what books I was considering for lenten reading.
Part of me might just skip the pile of books and use online resources, such as Fr. Dwight Longenecker's daily study on the Gospel of Mark, or Fr. Robert Barron's daily lenten reflections, both of which are linked on this link.

And since our women's Bible Study group is using this study guide on the Seven Last Words of Christ, there's a little more reading and reflection already built into my lent this year.

So why am I still looking at other titles on my desk, such as Face to Face With Jesus-Reflections for a Disciple by Bruno Forte(Pauline), Meditations for Lents by Jaques-Benigne Bousset (Sophia Institute Press), and Jesus, a Pilgrimage by Fr.James Martin (Image)

Decision, decisions. I know I have to narrow this down because it would be ridiculous trying to read all of them. Maybe I'll pick the thinnest book first (in the hopes I'll actually finish it), read that, and then, if there's more of lent still left, go from there.

Hey, speaking of too many choices for lenten reading, check out this Lenten Library giveaway of 45 different titles (in one bundle to one lucky winner) over at Catholic Book blogger.