Thursday, November 27, 2014

New! Black Friday Special!


Are you a fan of the mobile app?

Are you NOT a fan of the mobile app?

Either way, you will want to read this exciting news about Divine Office 2, the new version of's award winning mobile brevary.

The new version has quite a few features that will improve the experience of those who already like it, and may even attract those who are less than totally on board with the current version.

First, there will be some newer voices reciting the psalms along with the best of the old. An effort has been made to cut down on recitations that were thought by many to be bit too dramatic, and thus, a distraction from prayer.

Second, there is now a feature to skip forwards and backwards--very handy for those who, for instance, do not use the psalm prayers. There are also several faster playback speeds,(similar to Audible books) so you can customize the liturgical hour to fit a short commute or other  limited space of time available for prayer.

Third--and this is my favorite--you can download up to 21 days' worth of audio  at a time! I live in a rural area with only a fair to middlin' wi-fi signal.  Often as not, my DivineOffice audio files just won't load in the morning.  But if the new version lives up to its' promise, I can go to the McDonald's in town every few weeks(where the signal is better) and get 21 days'' worth. Yay!

Check out the entire article for information related to pricing and dates available for various formats.
And many thanks to Dane Falkner and the crew for the hard work that went into this new app.