Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Quick Question for Lithuanian Readers

Some time ago, I was informed that the Lithuanian-language rights to my book, The Everyday Catholic's Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours, had been purchased from the publisher.

I would love, love, love to receive a copy of my book in Lithuanian. So if any of you know anything about this, and could help me get a copy, I'd be very happy.



  1. Hi Daria, some assistance please. Today is the Memorial of St Martin of Tours. The Office on my Cel (D.O & Universalis) are quite different from my Christian Prayer breviary because today is a Memorial. My question is, is there someway I can pray the “Memorials” on my breviary or should I revert to my Cel on these days?

  2. I'm seeing the same thing on both DO and Christian Prayer, so could you clarify the question? I don't have Universalis so can't speak to that in particular.

  3. Now I'm the confused one! In my CP, for today, Week IV p.958 Morn Pr. I crack off with Ps 108. followed by Is etc.. In the DO for today, I see Ps 63 followed by Daniel.
    So Dear, where am I wrong or doing wrong ???

  4. By the way, Oct 21 I sent you a mail to which I thought would interest you. As you never acknowledged, I wonder if you received it???

    1. Ah! Just found the 10/21 email. For some reason your emails go to my updates tab instead of primary. Will have to try to fix that. Those are interesting pictures. Maybe will post here. Now, back to St. Martin. If you look on page 1314 in Christian Prayer, you will see it specifically says to use psalms and canticles from Sunday week I. As I explain in today's post, St. Martin is a special case. Usually, when a Memorial says "use common of X" that is a suggested option. You can always use the weekday, just substituting anything that is in the common of saints for that day. But today, they are giving specific directions to use week I. What can I say? St. Martin is a privileged character, that's all.